Redheaded college student who lives on Tumblr and plays video games way to much. Also Child Development Major.

My blog is full of Mass Effect, Jean Grey, Superman, Lois Lane, Erica Durance X-Men, video games, Star Trek, and various movies and tv shows. I narrate spam, and make a lot of stupid sarcastic jokes.

p.s. I'm a loser
p.p.s Jean Grey.
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Honestly I just want someone to be a complete crazy goofball with but then sit under the stars and talk for hours about the universe. And how it’s so damn complicated but we’re lucky enough to have each other to figure it all out. 


make me choose meme

anonymous asked: Sif or Maria Hill?


{crashes through window and rolls through glass} did u say lesbian relationships not fetishized for the male gaze cause i want in on that

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Matt and Blue having fun at Disneyland.

Troy, make me proud. Be the first black man to make it to the end.


Community // Troy and Abed in the Morning - Variations




Joseph Gordon-Levitt at 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards (August 16, 2014) - [x]

Also here’s a short clip of Joseph’s speech - [x]